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10 Fun Ways to do Cardio

Cardio gets a bad reputation for being simultaneously strenuous and boring. It doesn't have to be that way: here are 10 fun ways to get your cardio in!
10 Fun Ways to do Cardio
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I think it's safe to say cardio gets a bad rap in the fitness community. Social media has planted this seed in our heads that "cardio kills gains"; this could not be further from the truth.

Cardio is a necessary form of exercise that needs to be performed for our general health. Cardiovascular exercise is aerobic, meaning it requires oxygen;  with this type of exercise comes many benefits.

To name a few, cardiovascular exercise is proven to lower the risk of heart disease, increase stroke volume, and increase lifespan. Still not convinced? It can get you shredded too.

However, even with the myth of "killing gains" behind us and the proven benefits of cardiovascular exercise, people still find themselves skipping their cardio.

Why? It's hard and monotonous. It's boring. Nobody wants to run on the treadmill after a killer session pumping iron, and rightfully so. This doesn't mean cardio should be neglected though; it should still be incorporated into your gym routine.

It's simply a matter of finding a form of cardio that you enjoy. By finding cardio you enjoy, you'll be consistent and do more of it. So, whether your goal is to get toned or just improve your holistic health, you need fun cardio in your life.

Here are 10 fun cardio ideas from us here at Six Pack Center!

Walking your dog

Calories burned in an hour: 270

Rather than running, slow things down and take your pup on a walk. It's good aerobic exercise for both you and your dog.

Adding in a few walks a week can make a world of difference in shredding fat and defining your muscles.

Going for a hike

Calories burned in an hour: 430

If you love nature, hiking is a great way to implement cardio into your weekly routine. Similar to hiking, it is low-intensity cardio that helps increase blood flow to the legs.

For those who live in an urban area without readily accessible nature, city parks are often nice and green with set trails for citizens to run or hike on!

Ice skating

Calories burned in an hour: 640

Ice skating is an excellent way to burn a substantial amount of calories in a short period; the 640 calories burned in an hour of ice skating are comparable to the number of calories that would be burned running.

Of course, ice skating requires a bit of grace. Take it from me as I busted my face the first time I ever went ice skating. I'd show a picture but my dignity can't take a hit like that!


Calories burned in an hour: 560

The options are limitless: you could learn country dancing and two steppin', maybe ballroom dancing, or even hip-hop if that's up your alley.

The point is, nearly everybody could benefit from a little bit of cardio in their life, and dancing is an awesome way to work it in a couple of times a week.

If you can hold a rhythm and desire to burn some extra calories, dance, dance, and then dance some more.

Bouldering (rock climbing)

Calories burned in an hour: 500

Not only is bouldering or rock climbing a great form of cardio, but it's also an excellent way to improve grip strength and control your body weight.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a bit of a dirtbag, meaning I love anything that gets me outdoors. If you're anything like me, doing bouldering is worth a shot.

I took up bouldering and I enjoy going from time to time as a good workout; I wish I could go more!

Playing a sport you enjoy

Calories burned in an hour: Varies

The number of calories burned in an hour depends on the sport you choose, but any will do. Sports like baseball will burn less than a sport like soccer or basketball with constant movement.

However, the most important part is that you get up and get moving. Playing a sport you enjoy, whether that be a childhood game or a new hobby you've decided to try, can help lifters build sustainable cardio habits.


Calories burned in an hour: 150

While this may be viewed as crude, it is nothing but the truth. Sex burns a lot of calories and has many other great benefits like reduced stress and improved immune health.

If you should choose to have more sex for cardio reasons, or any reason, please go about it safely and respectfully.

It's a great way to lose some weight!

Jump rope

Calories burned in an hour: 750

Top research institutions such as Harvard University have proclaimed jumping rope as one of the greatest cardio forms in existence.

Jumping rope burns tons of calories and can drastically reduce cardiovascular issues by training the heart to become more efficient.

If not for weight loss, jump some rope for your overall health.


Calories burned in an hour: 500

This calorie estimate is for leisurely swimming, meaning if you were to treat swimming as a workout, the sky is the limit in terms of the number of calories you can burn.

Better yet, swimming is low intensity on your joints and can even help develop your back muscles through the different strokes.

Riding your bike

Calories burned in an hour: 420

Biking is a great way to explore the place you live while getting in some much-needed cardio.

Assuming the weather is acceptable, take your bike out for a spin and try and find a cool restaurant or a spot you never knew about. This way, your workout is mentally engaging.

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