About Six Pack Center

Welcome to Six Pack Center, where strength meets knowledge. Unleash your full potential with expert insights, training guides, and nutrition wisdom curated for bodybuilders.

Six Pack Center is an up-and-coming fitness brand that aims to properly educate new gym-goers. In a world of constant misinformation, fad diets, and outlandish workout plans, Six Pack Center strives to be a reliable source for gymgoers to find answers to all of their questions.

Six Pack Center was created by Josh Hebert; Brady Dinkel later joined to manage the blogging space in tandem with Josh's outstanding YouTube content to make bodybuilding information easily accessible for everyone!

We started this brand because of our love for fitness. We may not be professionals, but the gym is a haven for us as it is for so many others. Helping the bodybuilding community remains our biggest goal.

Best of all, Six Pack Center leans upon credible sources for our information. You'll find that in all of our blog posts, our sources are medical and sports journals. Rest assured, Six Pack Center has you covered.

About Josh Hebert

Hi, my name is Joshua Hebert. I'm the mastermind behind the Six Pack Center YouTube channel, your go-to fitness motivation community!

The past two years have been instrumental in my fitness journey. I've spent hours at the gym and it's become a part of who I am. The gym is a community, a place that challenges me mentally and physically every time I walk through the doors.

Outside of being a fitness fanatic, I'm a marketing student with ambitions of owning my own company one day!

About Brady Dinkel

Hi! I'm Brady Dinkel, the writer behind Six Pack Center.

My love for working out began in middle school when I played football for the first time; something about the grueling, after-school workouts provided a special release.

I played baseball until I was 16 and had to have shoulder surgery. After rehabbing, I now lift weights to fill the void. Instead of competing with others, I compete with myself.

Outside of my obvious passion for lifting weights and working out, I love to be in nature and travel. I'll keep it short, less I bore you, but if you're interested in learning more about me, you can read my personal blog.